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Faith Home

$ 240000 Needed Donation

Faith Home Child Care Center – San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Faith Home is a General Baptist ministry providing a safe and healthy place to love and raise children who were neglected, abandoned, and abused.

Faith Home consists of a 50 acre campus near San Pedro Sula, Honduras. On this campus, homes have been constructed to provide housing for the children. Married, Honduran, Christian couples have been hired to live in each home and provide the day to day care. These house parents, and their own children(who also may receive sponsorship) provide the foundation for the family unit in each home.

A school has been constructed with classroom space and a computer lab with a part-time teacher to oversee the lab.

The court system works with Faith Home to place children at Faith Home who come from situations of neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

Child Sponsorship Program

A child sponsorship is $25 a month, and it takes 18 to fully sponsor a child, for a total of $450 per month per child. Costs have risen in Honduras because of a new government, and the child services agency has also mandated that Faith Home employ both a psychologist and a social worker.  This has greatly increased the cost of supporting a child. We are in need of a total number of 800 sponsorships to support Faith Home. Your $25 a month sponsorship would help provide shelter, food, clothing, schooling, and help cover medical and legal expenses.  To support Faith Home please fill out the form below. Select “Faith Home” on the form and then type in the project you would like to support in the note box that appears (i.e. “Child Sponsorship”, “Juan Fund”, etc.). Thank you.

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