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Medical Camp

Medical Camps

$ 9000 Needed Donation

Every day, 23,000 people die in India; 6,000 of them died due to lack of proper medical attention and the lack of medical facilities. According to the latest statistics, there is only 1 doctor for every 1,700 Indians. India is a nation of 1.3 billion people, and 70% of the population live in rural areas with inadequate or no medical programs. Sadly, this results in people dying from diseases which could easily have been cured with basic medication.

Responding to this pressing need, medical camps are conducted particularly in remote villages without access to medical facilities (like doctors and pharmacies nearby) or where people live below the poverty line and therefore can never afford to visit a doctor or a medical facility.

A typical medical camp cost $500 a day and may last for 2-3 days.  Calvary Grace has a goal to conduct several of these each year as funds are available. Please donate by selecting”international missions” then type in”Calvary Grace Medical Camp” in note box that will appear.

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