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  • March 3, 2021
  • India, Philippines, West Africa, Jamaica, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala
  • By admin

Pastors Covid Relief

$ 100000 Needed Donation

Allow me to share with you some words from our fellow laborers around the globe.

“Please pray for the General Baptist Pastors here in the Philippines. As all of us know that many of our churches are not financially able to support our Pastor as most of us receive support from a Sunday to Sunday basis. As the church closed, many of our Pastors and their respective families, are in hunger and in a difficult situation right now. Please, include us in your prayers.” Pastor Kenneth Maputol, First Davao City Church

“Pastors in Mexico City, Tijuana, and Huixtla are suffering.” Pastor Rene Rodriguez, Hispanic Educational Coordinator

“Churches here, like there, are not allowed to meet. The result is that our General Baptist pastors have no income. The mission has been able to help them a few times, so that they can purchase food for their families. These pastors continue to be the light of Christ during these days.” Dr. Rodney Walls, Missionary to Honduras

“The situation (for pastors) was pretty bad and now it’s getting worse. Churches are closed, no gatherings and no offerings. Most pastors and their families survive by the Sunday offerings.” Jessey Vemula, Missionary to India

These and many other comments detail the difficult plight of pastors on a subsistence income from their churches. International Ministries does not make a habit of paying pastor support, but I believe with all my heart we should do something (anything!) for our pastors at this time.

We are asking you to please consider a $100 donation right now to enable us to send what may seem to us a token amount, but to them would be a definite help (as Jessey Veumula put it). Please detach the form below and send any amount you can, but we would be so grateful for $100. We know that things are difficult here and that we have depended on your support in the past, but if you possibly can, please give. Thank you.  Using the form below, create an account, select International Missions, and then type “pastors covid relief” in the note box that will appear. Or mail your gift to GBIM, 100 Stinson Dr., Poplar Bluff, MO  63901.

Mark Powell, Director
General Baptist International Ministries