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Relief Donations Disbursed by Saipan Community Church

Relief Donations Disbursed by Saipan Community Church

General Baptist International Ministries has disbursed over $15,000 in donations for victims of Typhoon Soudelor on the island of Saipan.  The funds were released to the Saipan Community Church to be administered by Missionary Glenn Jenkins, Acting Senior Pastor Roger Abe and the church board.

Under direction of the church board it was decided that monies would be distributed as “love gifts” to members of the congregation impacted by the typhoon.

Jeff and Julie Hamann from Brown General Baptist Church in Puxico, MO were present in Saipan to help with clean up when some of the “love gifts” were delivered.    Jeff Hamann commented “We went with Pastor Jenkins and Pastor Abe to look at the typhoon destruction. There are many homeless brothers and sisters and many families living together. The building supplies are very limited an often nonexistent. We were blessed to be present (when) love gifts were given to those in need. Very humbling. Keep praying for these folks. They have a very long road to full recovery.”

Some relief funds were also set aside to help keep generators going at the Saipan Community Church and Saipan Community School so that the school could continue to operate under generator power.  Cost to fill the fuel tanks for the two generators runs in the neighborhood of $3000.00.  Electrical power is still not expected for another month.

siapan reliefGBIM Director Mark Powell visited Saipan and was privileged to deliver some of the relief directly to the church.  He stated, “We are so thankful for the leadership the church board, Missionary Glenn Jenkins and Pastor Roger Abe have provided for Saipan Community Church during this difficult time.  We are grateful to the many General Baptists who have responded with their prayers and donations.”

There is much more to do for the people of Saipan.  In many ways the recovery is just beginning.  Photos from the initial delivery of relief funds can be found in the gallery below.  There is still so much more that needs to be done. Please keep these dear brothers and sisters in your prayers.