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Siapan Community Church Impacted by COVID 19

The following is a letter from the Saipan Community Church leadership to the congregation.

We are embarking upon a new adventure of faith together. The imminent threat of the Corona Virus 19 has brought troubling times for all of us. Several cases have now been identified in Guam, and out of concern for the residents of CNMI, Governor Torres has issued Executive Order 2020-04 declaring a significant state of emergency. This will be in effect for 30 days calling for changes which will affect the normal way that we live our everyday lives in Saipan. 

The Governor’s Order calls for all government offices and non-essential government functions to be shut down for two weeks. Three of the directives (8, 10 and 11) will have the greatest impact upon us as Saipan Community Church and School and residents at large. They restrict travel to Saipan, limit the number of people in public gatherings to fewer than 50 and recommend social distancing of at least 6 feet whenever possible or reasonable. 

The elders of our church met Wednesday to address our current situation and ways in which we might change in order to protect our people and hold fast to our faith in God. According to Scripture in Romans 13:1-7, we are to obey those who rule over us, because they are serving as God’s appointed ministers for our good. Therefore we must learn to honor God and our faith in Him in different ways and through different venues.

Since the Governor’s directives do not target people of faith or our biblical convictions, we feel that it pleases God that we comply with the state for our own good and God’s glory. We are therefore asking for your cooperation in the following ways:

  1. In order to comply with the limit in number of people gathering, we must suspend Sunday Worship Services and to comply with the recommendation of social distancing we must also suspend our small group gatherings until the threat is announced clear.
  2.  In order to stay in contact as a church family, we will use the Church Face Book page for all church related communications and for alerting us to needs and avenues of ministry.
  3. We will provide a short video service with music and message on the Church Face Book page in lieu of our regular Sunday Worship Service which you may view and share.
  4. We will also provide a daily devotional with church updates through the FB page.

Saipan Community School is already closed to campus activities and is actively planning to continue its educational mandate through different modes of distant learning. 

As Pastor and Elders, we will be at the Worship Center this Sunday at 10:00 AM. We will greet those who may not have received this communication. We will inform them and pray together for any needs and concerns, for daily and future wisdom and guidance and for God’s grace and strength as we walk this road together. For now, you may feel free to respond on FB or call Pastor Glenn at 670-284-6396 or one of the Elders if you have a question or a need. Let us continue to pray for one another, our island, our leaders and our world, and that hearts might be open to the Gospel.  Dear Friends, May God bless you, and May God bless Saipan.