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Tegucigalpa: The Central District of Honduras

Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras and is an important part of our church planting efforts and strategy.  At one time, this was the fastest growing district of our Honduran work, but it lost momentum due to lack of support and leadership issues.  Today things are looking improved for this area and it would be a great location for your team ministry.  This would be a good place for your teams 20/80 partnership.  There are currently 2 churches in the central district.

Galilea 1:

Leadership: Pablo and church board


This church was at one time our best church in Honduras.  Having gone through some difficult days the church has renewed hope because of recent team activity and leadership.

32 members active

  • Active Church at present time, they also occupy neighboring building which will be coming up for sale.
  • The neighboring buildings are owned by Movimieto de Mujeres Por La Paz Visitacion Padilla.
  • Front door needs repairing.
  • Water lines need repaired for running water for toilet
  • Roof needs some repair.
  • There are some concerns about securing the deed for this property.

Galilea 2:

Church has renewed hope because of recent team activity.

Pastor: Oscar

  • Big concern is the deed (1st 2 churches started and no documents of ownership)
  • Church is small and can’t expand due to size
  • Would like to add building, but not until property deed is complete.