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Thank You for Your Ongoing Support

On behalf of the children, churches, and missionaries we serve, I would like to personally thank each of our faithful General Baptist people and churches for their ongoing support and generosity during these difficult days.

I realize that, like my church, we are not gathering for corporate worship these days.  Creativity has become the order of the day including each Christians ongoing responsibility to be generous.  General Baptist are stepping up in an amazing and marvelous way. Your words of encouragement and prayers to and on behalf of our missionaries and ministries is overwhelming.  Thank you so much!

I would like to bring you up to date on our missionaries and ministries as best I can in this ever evolving climate.  

With the help of SIM International, our ministry partner in West Africa, the Yeomans were able to qualify for a US embassy arranged flight and arrived in Washington, DC on March 31.  They will be in the states for an indefinite amount of time. 

Glenn Jenkins will leave Saipan on the last flight out on April out of Saipan for 30 days on April 5.  Pastor Glenn was scheduled to stay in Saipan until after Easter but the island will cease all air traveler traffic for 30 days effective April 5.  Saipan has positive cases of COVID-19 with one death and is ill-equipped to deal with the pandemic if it gets out of control. Please keep the church and school (which is temporarily closed) in your prayers as they seek to serve the island. 

Faith Home is doing as well as could be expected under the circumstances.  Schools in Honduras are closed and the missionary and Faith Home family have taken refugee on the Faith Home campus.  The missionary team there continues to do a marvelous job.  

Indians are under strict orders to only leave their homes for grocery shopping and emergency situations.  According to Pastor Jessey, the Indian and local governments are taking drastic measures to insure compliance including road blocks. I have postponed the visit of Pastor Prakash and Jemima until later this year. 

Similar restrictions are in place in Guatemala and Mexico as they are here.  

Like most places, the Philippines is basically shut down and churches and schools are not permitted to assemble.  GBBC and MBI are both currently closed and churches there are seeking creative ways to reach their congregations just as we are.  The General Assembly of the denomination in the Philippines has been postponed. The Mission One involved Stinson Institute was to meet in conjunction with the General Assembly, but Mission One coordinator Dr. Jim Pratt has postponed those classes as well. 

Mission One Teams are postponed through April.  Dr. Jim Pratt is working with team leaders to keep them informed and also working with travel agents and airlines to accommodate teams as needed.  

I again want to thank you for your ongoing generosity.  Our ministries cannot survive without your prayers and support.  Thank you all so much. 

Mark Powell, GBIM Director