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Two GBBC Grads Ordained

Glenn Mark Awe, a graduate of the General Baptist Bible College in 2012 (GBBC), serves as moderator of the Marilog, Calinan, Baguio, Arakan District (MCBA) of the General Baptist Church of the Philippines (GBCPI).  The MCBA district recently ordained two young pastors, both also graduates of GBBC.  Each of these young men were blessed to have been sponsored through the GBBC sponsorship program.  Officiating at the ordination is GBCPI moderator Jaime Maputol (also a GBBC grad and sponsorship recipient).

Joel Amad is one of the young men ordained.  Joel is a 2017 graduate of GBBC and was among the students who made a mission trip to Calvary Grace Association in India in 2016.

Romnick Sumin is the other young man ordained.  Romnick is a 2013 graduate of GBBC.  After graduation he served as associate pastor to the First Davao General Baptist Church and is currently planting a church in Davao City under the MCBA district.

For several years Glenn Mark served both the pastoral ministry and on the staff of the Matigsalug Bible Institute.  He resigned at MBI last year to serve the church and district full time.  Glenn Mark is also enrolled in the Stinson Institute, an advanced leadership program sponsored by GBIM’s Mission One program.

GBBC and Matigsalug Bible Institute (MBI) sponsored graduates compose the vast majority of pastoral ministry to our 400 plus churches in the Philippines. Sponsorship for MBI is $35 a month and for GBBC it is $550 a semester or $1100 a year.

GBIM’s YouTube channel has a video about sponsorship featuring the Awe family.  Glenn Mark’s father is an MBI graduate who received sponsorship to attend there and Glenn Mark, as well as other family members, were sponsored to GBBC.  What a tremendous difference these programs make!