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Update From the Walls for May 20, 2020

It has been a while.  We are doing okay.  The children of Faith Home are ok and the pastors are ok.  We locked down the campus 10 weeks ago now in an effort to protect the children.  Honduras has been closed off for just over 2 months now.  Here, you are allowed out based on your ID number.  Because we are in the department of Cortes where the majority of cases have been, we have been on complete lock down where no one is allowed out at all for 2 weeks at a time.  Thankfully, that has eased for us.  The other day my number has allowed out, so out I went (bank and supplies).  I did not go far but passed through 6 different police and military check points.  The upside, the lines were very short as only a few were out.

Thursday (21st) we should hear from the court.  Lisel’s surgery is still a go for early July at Shriners.  We already secured court permission to take her out of country, and she has her visa.  But, we re-petitioned the court because our original document did not give us a full 2 weeks to self-quarantine after traveling, which the hospital wants.  So, we are hopeful to have a new document in hand tomorrow with a new leaving date in early June.  We will keep you posted. Please pray we get the document.  Also pray about flights…right now there are few options available and many flights scheduled are canceled at the last minute.

We have a system in place at this point where our weekly supplies are being delivered to the gate.  We will keep that going for the foreseeable future.  The word is that the government here will be easing things open starting on Monday. That will help so many.  Without being able to work, many Hondurans are hurting desperately.

Because of donations, I have been able to help our pastors with funds multiple times allowing them to buy food.  They will be back in services soon.

Doctor Sharon has been coming on campus for over a month now.  That has helped Teresa.  Although the children for the most part have been healthy, and we are grateful for that.  Yared had a kidney flare up, but Dr. Sharon was able to consult with his kidney expert, and she treated it from here.  He is better.

You never know, but God does!  That is why we do not lead, but we are called to follow, and when we do, God does immeasurably more than we ask or imagine.

I do hope to be scheduling some church services in July and August (if you know of church :)).  We have been locked down, but God was not and God is still at work here!

Picture of Yard and one of Lisel (can’t be posted on social media but free to share at church).

Blessings all, Rodney