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Baby Girl ready for hospital visit

Update From Walls 8/28/20

Wednesday (8/25/2020) was a long afternoon at Shriner’s Hospital (3 hours worth), but the good news is that both hips are where they are supposed to be!  The doctor said she is healing nicely and everything looks good.  They did fit her for a brace that she has to wear at least 20 hours a day, but still so much nicer than the cast!

Baby Girl will be in the brace for a month, and if all continues well, she will start physical therapy after her next appointment.  She is a little trooper.  God is in control and I believe that with physical therapy that she will be able to do more than the doctors think at this point.

On another note, the pastors in Honduras who contracted COVID-19 are all doing well.  We praise God for their recovery.  Three of the four did not have severe symptoms, but one did.  It was touch and go for a while, but he is home and sent me a video just a few days ago.

Things at Faith Home and in Honduras are about the same.  Restrictions on movements continue.  Praying this will end and end quickly.  May God reveal His power!

Just wanted to bring everyone up to speed.  Blessings,