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Updates on Flooding In West Africa

Thank you all for your prayers. Just a quick update this afternoon: the river has continued to rise, and has passed the government measuring pole of approximately 22 feet. A new measuring pole that goes up to 26 feet has now been installed. An alert was issued last night that there is the possibility of the only accessible bridge to our side of town being flooded at some point today or tomorrow. Thankfully, we have had no more rain the past couple of days, but we are not sure what has happened upstream regarding rain. There are two bridges that lead to our side of town, and one of them is already closed because the road going to it has completely flooded. With a possibility of the other bridge flooding, we have decided to move over to the other side of the river for a few days, where there is running water, grocery stores, and more consistent electricity right now (we had no electricity last night and there is still no water in our entire area). Thank you for continuing to remember us all in prayer, especially the Nigerien people. We can certainly feel the effects of your prayers.

Specific prayer requests:

*that the water will be turned back on at our house soon. Our barrels are running dry and we have limited places to refill them with somewhat clean water. Our neighbors get water from us, so we know they are in need of clean water too.
*that we will be able to safely distribute supplies to the people who desperately need them.
*that we will know how to best serve the people who are homeless due to the flood.
*that the raining would stop in this area of the country.
*that the thousands of people forced from their homes yesterday would be able to find shelter for tonight and the months ahead.
Thank you so much.

If you would like to help with flood assistance efforts in West Africa, please select “International Mission” on the form below and type “West Africa flooding” in the notes field that will appear, or text “give” to 573.282.7171 and follow the same instructions.  Thank you.