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Visit to El Banano After Hurricane (Honduras)

Several weeks after Hurricane Iota, we (Pastor Miguel, Pastor Marcial, Eduarda and myself) made our way to El Banano. El Banano is located in a banana plantation. The trip meant that we had to drive by 100’s of people living on and alongside the road because of all the flooding in conditions that … that breaks one’s heart. As we drove into El Banano, we did so on a road still covered in water and inches of mud. Most of the houses are still standing, but anything inside (clothes, beds, chairs, etc.) were lost. Many (maybe as many as half) have not returned yet, but those who have … have weeks of cleaning and living in muddy damp conditions. Our GB church shows much of what the inside of the other houses must look like.

Today, we handed out food, and Pastors Marcial and Miguel spoke words of encouragement. I just don’t know how to say what I feel, so I will leave this post with just the bare descriptions of above.

God, may your mercy and love bring peace and hope to the many people here in Honduras that are suffering.

By Dr Rodney Walls