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Walls July Update – Honduras

Hard to believe how quickly one day turns into the next day!  We survived.  We had 50 days of teams who got so much done.  We appreciate all they did, but we were wore out.  It was good to see many of you at the MM Summit.  Teresa stayed here with Baby Girl.  It was a quick trip for me, and it is good to be home.

     Just before I left to go to the Summit, we took Lisel to the ortho doc in San Pedro.  The pavlik harness did not work, and without surgery she will not be able to walk.  We went thinking that we would set the date for her surgery, but that did not happen.  He told us that she was not a candidate for surgery right now.  She still can not sit up, and he said that he would not put her through the surgery and spica cast at this point.  He recommended that we get her physical therapy and then reevaluate in 6 months.  We were disappointed and hurting as we left the doc’s office.
     We are praying and ask you to pray with us that Lisel will get strong enough.  We want so much for her to be able to walk. Life here will be so hard anyway and we cannot bear the thoughts of her not being able to get around.
     But here is the glory of God!  We believe.  God has touched her a couple of times, and we believe that God can again.  Three weeks BEFORE going to this appointment, it was worked out to have a doctor and a physical therapist to come and work out of the clinic 4 days a week…the clinic had set empty for years and now it is a thriving place.  Here is the thing.  God answered our prayer for a physical therapist 3 weeks before we knew we needed to pray for one!  We believe.  Lisel is growing and is stronger.  She has a long way to go.  I’ve put a a picture of her in therapy and one of her in her new swing.
     That is just one of the many things going on here.  Hard to keep up.  Teresa and doctor Sharon (attached a photo of Teresa and Sharon) are starting the process of licensing the clinic. Pastor Miguel is coming on board and will be working with me to train more leaders so we can reach more people by starting more churches, and yes, we have more teams coming soon.  God is at work!
     Thank you for being a part of what God is doing here by supporting our ministries and us!
Rodney & Teresa