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Walls Update March 2020

Just a quick update on things here in Honduras.  Like others, Honduras has closed all its borders (no one in or out), and we are on a 14 day shut down meaning that most are not working (pharmacies, grocery stores, and banks are).  This will cause a severe hardship to many in Honduras who literally live day to day.  We pray for God’s grace.  It has also been announced that a curfew will be in effect for several days as well.

As for Faith Home, we have tried to stay ahead of the developments (that are changing hourly).  We have stocked up on essentials.  We have restricted, and for the most part, closed the campus to outside traffic, except for a couple of us that will need to periodically leave to get supplies.  We do have a process in place to disinfect upon our return.  We do have a few children at higher risk and we are doing everything to make sure that they (and all) are as safe as possible.  There are now eight confirmed cases so the number is still low.

Dr. Sharon and Teresa made rounds yesterday to check on all and to make sure we have what we need medically.

I am blessed to work with the GB pastors of Honduras, who continue to minister and be the light of Christ to their communities.  The light shines even brighter at times like these.

Faith is powerful and helps us keep our focus where it should be so we wait and wonder how things will play out.  However, we do not have to wonder about who is in control because our FAITH assures us of that!

Just wanted to let everyone know how things are here. 

May the LORD strengthen our faith, filling us with hope! Blessings everyone,