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What A Difference a Year Makes

by Mark Powell

One year ago I visited Chiapas, Mexico with a group from Landmark Association.  They were interested in sending some teams down to work with some new churches that had connected to General Baptists thanks to the work of Elyin Rodriguez who was, at the time, coordinator for North Mexico. 

Vince Daniel spoke at a church one particular day with Pastora Elvira Garcia translating. It was a rainy day as we sat with our Mexican brothers and sisters. The church was meeting on the covered porch of the pastors house. As Vince and Elvira began to preach water began to pour in from the roof behind them. A member of the pastors family walked past Vince and Elvira and grabbed a mop handle, walked over to the area where the tin was allowing the water to pour in, pushed the broom handle against the metal roof to lift it back in place so the leak would stop. There we sat – the congregation moving closer together to move away from the rain spraying in from the open sides, Vince and Elvira preaching, various animals roaming, and the roof being held in place by a broom handle.  It was a moment in time etched in every team members mind.  

Fast forward one year. Basically the same group from Landmark to continue to develop plans for sending teams in 2020. Same pastor… same church… same location… same porch. But clearly not the same. Above our heads was new tin and under our feet a new concrete floor. The porch had been enclosed considerably more as well. On that little porch, where Gods people meet to worship, we gathered to pray and think God for his many blessings. Much more needs to be done – property purchased… church building erected.  But inthat moment we rejoiced over a new floor and an improved tin roof.