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What does $5000 rupees mean?

Calvary Grace Association has distributed funds twice to pastors from the GBIM COVID-19 Pastor’s Relief effort.  The first distribution, in May, was $7000 rupees (US$91.60) and the second, in June, was for $5000 rupees (USD$65.45).  It honestly seemed like so little, so GBIM director Mark Powell asked Pastor Jessey of the Calvary Grace Association “what will 5000 rupees mean to a pastor and his family?”

Pastor Jessey responded with this message, a message I think of value to all who have given and prayed for our international gospel partners: “After I was done distributing the money two out of 14 pastors came to me and said this. ‘You have always been a blessing to us but you may not know what a great blessing you’ve been to us to get through this fearful time. The amount of money we’ve received last month and now from GBIM is equivalent to 15 -18 Sunday offerings. We have food on our table because the God from heaven is looking down on us and helping us, the least of these, through Godly men and women from America. We are receiving no help from the government, yet we are required to pay the electricity bill, water bill, etc.’ Finally, he said ‘brother I don’t deserve the help we are receiving.'”

General Baptist International values the sacrifice of these precious pastors and the trials they face.  Thank you for your kind generosity in making this all possible.  We believe they do deserve our love, honor, and respect.  GBIM adheres faithfully to the indigenous principle of church planting and therefore views pastoral care as the responsibility of the local church, but in the circumstances of COVID-19 we felt compelled to ask you to help us help our pastors through a difficult time.  Thank you and God bless you.  Please continue to pray for our pastors, their families, and their churches.  We know our Jamaican, Indian, Filipino, Hispanic, and West African brothers are more than deserving.

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