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What is a missionary share?

support_bannerOne of the most important keys to successful missionary life is the development of ministry partners or what we commonly call “share partners.”  This is accomplished through a process of relationship building with various churches and individuals. These partners infuse the missionary with their time, energy, resources, and prayer.  They are key links to sharing the missionary story with others and developing lifelong ministry partners.  A missionary share is in $10 increments so 1 share = $10/month, 5 shares = $50/month, etc.  This is a faith promise for the life of the missionaries term of service which is four years and is, of course, renewable.

ECFA-Seal-MemberTo partner with a General Baptist missionary, please visit our e-giving donation page.  Click on the the line that says “Missionary Support”  and select the missionary you would like to support.  In the amount section you can set up monthly giving using your bank account or credit card for $10/month per share or an annual gift of $120.00 a year per share.  So if you wanted to make a faith promise of 5 shares the monthly amount would be $50 and the annual amount would be $600.00.  The higher your partnership, the quicker our missionaries are able to get to the field!  You may also choose to give a special amount of any size.

If you prefer to make a special gift to one of our fields simply select “Field Support” -> your field of choice and then the amount of your gift.  Thank you in advance for your investment in spreading the gospel.