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Yeomans Appointed As Missionaries to the Philippines

Yeomans Appointed as Missionaries
Will Serve as Apprentice Missionaries in the Philippines

General Baptist International Ministries (GBIM) is pleased to announce that Kris and Nicole Yeomans have been approved to serve in the General Baptist International Ministries Apprentice Program and have been appointed to the Philippines for a two-year term.

“The apprentice program is a two-year program designed to introduce families to missionary life by offering cross cultural experiences and language acquisition,” according to GBIM Director Mark Powell.  “But more than that, the program offers the family a chance to make a significant contribution to the field of assignment.”

The Yeomans have a particular call to reach the largest unreached group in the world –  the Muslim world.  The Philippines has a large Muslim population, and the Yeomans will be assisting GBIM, General Baptist Bible College, General Baptist Church of the Philippines and Matigsalug Bible Institute in developing programs of effective Muslim outreach within and without the Philippines.  Kris has stated that ultimately their desire is to serve General Baptists as, “pioneer missionaries focused on Muslim outreach in other parts of the world, especially West Africa and the ‘10/40 Window’.” The prospects are truly exciting.

Kris and Nicole have two young daughters, Emily, who is 10 and Eden, who is 4.  They are accepting invitations to speak in your church or meet with you privately and may be contacted at Kris (901) 585-5202 or Nicole (615) 495-6505.  You may also contact Mark Powell at the International Ministries office at (573) 785-7746.

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If you would like more information on this topic or to schedule an interview with GBIM Director Mark Powell or Kris and Nicole Yeomans, please call Mark Powell at 573-785-7746 or email Mark at mark.powell@generalbaptist.com