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Yeomans Await COVID Test

While we wait, the ministry continues. We are so grateful for all of you who partner with us in the ministry here. We are all blessed to be a blessing, and many of the blessings we are able to give are because of the ways you all bless us. Thank you!

While we are taking a couple of weeks off from the village while we recover from whatever we have, Nicole and I are working on plans to continue helping some of the hundreds of thousands of people who were displaced from the flood in September. Thousands are still living in makeshift shelters and on the street because their homes were destroyed and all of their belongings washed away. Many are still without food, so we are helping to meet necessities as best we can.

Just this past week, many widows and vulnerable families received food because an anonymous donor provided more than two TONS of rice! Prior to that, many of you contributed to feeding more than a thousand people for a month! We thank God for His goodness and faithfulness, and we are so thankful that you all care about the people here. They are so appreciative of your help, as well. God is building His kingdom through your giving – we’ve heard stories of God being glorified because of food arriving at just the right time, and we’ve even heard of a baby being dedicated to God right after being born because the mother received nourishment just hours before giving birth, helping her to have the energy she needed for childbirth. Isn’t that amazing!?!

This coming Tuesday is Giving Tuesday, and if you would like to help by giving to the ministry here, or toward our family so that we can continue to minister here, we would love for you to do that! Maybe you haven’t found that perfect gift for someone yet, and they would love for you to donate something in their name, or maybe you would just like to give a little to help with the on-going ministry and service to the people we serve in West Africa. There are so many ways to help, and so many needs and opportunities at our fingertips. We encourage you to pray and see if the Lord would have you give toward the ministry here. We have opportunities right now to continue with our school ministry, to provide coats to kids in an orphanage because it is the cold season here, and we also have many more opportunities for providing food and necessities to people who lost everything.

Please also pray for the Sahel Academy staff and students. School is being canceled on Monday and Tuesday this week as many people are now reporting symptoms that could be COVID-19. We are still waiting on results, but now there are at least five other families who are planning to be tested. If a major outbreak occurs, it could be devastating for the entire country as medical facilities are not equipped to handle thousands of serious cases of this virus. Thank you for praying.

We will post more information on Monday which will serve as a reminder about ‘Giving Tuesday.’ Until then, we encourage you to pray about what the Lord would have you do. As always, we appreciate your prayers and support so much, and we thank the Lord for you all. God bless you!